Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Fun Park (2007)

This was a weird little movie.  I actually put this on my queue thinking that it would be a rip-off of The Funhouse (which I loveeee) but this was kind of different. 

So there's this clown, Bobo.  He loves being a clown, and he's a huge hit at the local amusement park.  However, one night in 1980, he is apparently blugeoned to death while locking up the park.  Local legend says that Bobo's ghost continues to haunt the park.

It's 26 years later, and they're getting ready to tear down the "fun park."  A group of teenagers go to hang out there one night and have fun and get all spooked about the clown ghost.  They soon discover that Bobo may not be a ghost, and that maybe he didn't really perish on that fateful night. 

Unfortunately when the lone survivor, Megan, emerges from the clown-induced bloodbath, there are no bodies to be found and no believes her crazy ass.  But a caring psychologist decides to dig deeper and discovers a secret lair full of murderrrrrr. 

This movie was super low-budget and sort of corny, but it actually was decent.  Of course the acting wasn't Oscar-worthy, but come on, what do you expect?

photo source: http://image.xyface.com/image/t/movie-the-fun-park/the-fun-park-115269.jpg