Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010)

I feel like people who are giving this thing horrendous reviews were really expecting a little too much from it.  I mean you kind of have to know what you're getting into with this movie.  The first one was gory, gratuitious, and ultra-campy, and it was clear that this one was going to have less budget and more camp (literally as well, since they're actually camping outside in this one)

Bill Moseley has replaced Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman due to scheduling conflicts.  That's fine with me because I'd love to see Bill Moseley in any movie.  It appears that this year, the Guts and Glory Jamboree is not going to be happening.  Apparently the sheriff's office has recieved complaints about missing people and they can't keep turning a blind eye to the detour sign.

So, the people of Pleasant Valley decide to pack up and take the show on the road.  They set up their jamboree in a field in Iowa and start the fun.  They stick a detour sign on the road, and some idiots take the bait right away.  There's a crew in a trailer trekking cross country, filming a Simple Life-type show with celebutantes Rome and Tina. 

They have seriously managed to squeeze every stereotype possible into this little trailer: the bossy Australian producer (Val), slutty assistant (Bristol), foul mouthed Hispanic driver (Jesus), video vixen-esque AA girl (Black Cherry), and the stars' Kevin Federline-wannabe boyfriends (K-Jay and Falcon)  Jesus is "distracted" (aka recieving sexual favors) while pulling off the detour and he crashes the trailer.  With two flat tires and only one spare, it looks like the crew is stuck in hick-ville.

Val decides this will be great for the show, and encourages everyone to participate in the jamboree.  Intitial shenanigans occur, but the Pleasant Valley-ites are ready for some bloodshed.  They pick the crew off one by one, and the disappointment here is that the kills were definitely not as fun or creative as the first 2001 Maniacs.

Bill Moseley was badass as usual as Mayor Buckman, but the sex scene with Granny was just unnecessary and ridiculous.  The acting was horrendous (of course) but I thought this movie was fun.  Definitely not scary and not as entertaining as the first one, but worth a look for some laughs.

photo source: http://www.brutalashell.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/2001maniacsFOSbig.jpg