Sunday, June 27, 2010

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

What a random-ass movie.   Years later, a camp has opened in the woods, seemingly in the vicinity of where Sleepaway Camp took place.  A chunky, annoying kid, Alan, claims to be tormented by fellow campers.  In reality, he is the instigator and is annoying everyone.

All the kids at this camp seem far too old to be at a sleepaway camp.  They're drinking, smoking pot, and hooking up...definitely not the behavior of elementary schoolers.  These kids look too old anyway.

The movie tends to center around Alan, who really is an asshole to others, but seems to be protected by someone who works there.  Meanwhile, another counselor has first rate experience with the original murders and feels Angela is at work.  Other campers begin to seek revenge on Alan for his ridiculous behavior.

The movie was pretty lame and seemingly had nothing to do with anything.  There was no relation to the original Sleepaway Camp except for the fact it occured at a camp.   There were some pretty decent deaths, but nothing worth watching it over.  The end was blah and was really just a cop-out in my opinion.  

Anyway, skip it.  Pretty boring and no real point at all.

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