Sunday, June 27, 2010

Babysitter Wanted (2008)

Solid babysitter-themed movie with a strong female lead and an interesting twist on the tried and true babysitter home alone plot.  Good cast including my main man, Bill Moseley. 

Angie has gone away to college, against her mom's wishes.  She arrives in her new town to find she's living in a filthy apartment with a stoner chick and no bed.  School isn't going that much better, as she feels she's being stalked by a mysterious man.

In need of cash, she responds to an ad for a babysitter out in the boondocks.  Her roommate warns her against it, but she goes anyway.  The kid seems like a bit of a creeper, but she needs the dinero, so she agrees to babysit for their son Sam on Friday night.  She arrives to find Sam asleep with indications to feed him "special food" if he wakes up.  Meanwhile, there are crazy noises surrounding the house, and there seems to be someone lurking outside.  Creepy phone calls ensue and Sam goes missing within the house.

At this point, the plot takes a sharp turn.  The creeper may not be the only villian in this story, and it looks like its a long night ahead for Angie.  She puts up quite the fight, and it's good to see a strong female heroine in a horror movie, especially a babysitter one.

Not a perfect flick, but I liked it.  Check it out.

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the jaded viewer said...

I've said this is better than House of the Devil. Substance over style. Thats Babysitter Wanted over HOTD.

The Scream Queen said...

@thejadedviewer: It's safe to say I liked this better than House of the Devil. Similar premises, but this one definitely had more meat (hehe)

Scare Sarah said...

Loved this film. The dad was so funny, chopping up the girls, haha.