Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movie News: Adam Mason's Pig

Ugh.  Once again, my wedding-addled brain has missed an important piece of horror news.  Apparently Adam Mason has been working on a secret project titled Pig.  Starring Andrew Howard, Pig is a 70-minute long single-shot (no kidding) brutal movie all about violence and torture.

So I missed the premiere(s) on various horror websites and am totally kicking myself.  However, I did watch the first 13 minutes that is being featured over the 'net and I am in love, man.  I want to see the rest of this.  It makes me even more obsessed because of the fact that I can't see the remainder of it!

Apparently there's some links out there to a downloadable version.  Adam Mason, if you hear me buddy, I want to review this, it looks awesome!  Hook a sister up :o)

Anyone seen this?  Let me know how it was!

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