Sunday, May 9, 2010

His Name Was Jason (2009)

Obviously I have to feature a picture of Kane Hodder whenever possible due to my super-crush on him.

I'm a huge sucker for documentaries of all sorts and I watch them often.  So of course, a documentary on an awesome series of horror movies is like a dream come true for me. 

His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th, was a solid documentary.  It followed the Friday the 13th movies from those first kids making out in the barn to that nonsense "reimagining" that came out last year.  They had some really great interviews with the various stars of the movies from over the years.  I was really excited to see that many of the former actors/actresses are really proud and excited about their roles in the movie and would star in another Friday the 13th if given the chance.  I feel like so many stars (cough* Jennifer Aniston * cough) are embarassed about their forays into horror, when they should not be as horror is the best movie genre EVER.

The movie also featured some really cool behind the scenes stuff like describing how they did some of the kills and what filming different scenes was like.  The setup of the documentary was effective: first they went through a little synopsis of every movie, then revisited with each of the Jasons, then some of the best kill scenes, and so on.  Did you know Kane Hodder's favorite kill was when he smacked that girl upside the tree when she was in the sleeping bag?

This was news to me, but the kind of thing you will learn while watching this documentary. 

Also, they talk about the Friday the 13th Nintendo game which we all know was the hardest. game. in. history.

The only thing I totally freakin' HATED about this thing was the pimping of the reimagined Friday the 13th during the last 10 minutes.  That movie was total garbage and not even a sequel.  It shouldn't have even been included in this.

What's your favorite Friday the 13th sequel?  (Aside from the original)  Mine is the Final Chapter.  When Mouth shaves his head and pretends to be Jason, well come on, that's horror gold.