Monday, January 18, 2010

Jennifer's Body (2009)

I really, really wanted to like this movie.  I generally loathe Megan Fox, as I believe she's a no-talent Angelina wannabe who coasts by using her constant presence on the pages of Maxim.  However, I do love Amanda Seyfried and Diablo Cody so I had to give this a shot.

In my opinion, this movie was basically a direct rip-off of Ginger Snaps, except that Jennifer gets her bloodlust from a lame eyeliner-wearing emo band instead of a werewolf on the loose.

Here's the story.  Jennifer and Needy (what a stupid nickname) are best buds.  This shocks everyone because Jennifer is so hot blah blah blah and Needy is a geek.  They go to a concert one night where Jennifer is set on hooking up with the lead singer.  The band thinks she's a virgin for some stupid reason (she's not) and they sweep her off in their van to be sacrificed.  But apparently bad things happen when you try to sacrifice a virgin that is not actually a virgin.  Thus, this ridiculous movie.

Jennifer runs around seducing dudes and eating them, much like a demented praying mantis.  Nobody in the community has a clue as to what is going on, so they mourn and listen to this stupid song that supposedly represents their pain.  Quite predictably because of the obvious foreshadowing at the opening of the movie, it's up to Needy to stop Jennifer's reign of terror.  Bo-ring.

The sole purpose of this movie seemed to be Megan Fox looking pouty and dumb, and a makeout scene between Jennifer and Needy.   I was a big Diablo Cody fan through both Juno and her book, Candy Girl, but she seriously misfired with this lame attempt at horror.

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