Saturday, January 16, 2010

Halloween 2 Director's Cut (2009)

Well this is a first for The Scream Queen.  I'm actually revisiting a movie on this blog that I've already reviewed.  This either makes me an objective movie-goer willing to see if the director's cut is an improvement on the original...or magnifies my sick obsession with Rob Zombie.  Maybe both.

Anyway, Rob Zombie's promise of this cut being drastically different was pretty much an exaggeration.  The only major differences I could spot were: (a) Laurie and Annie bitch at each other more often (b) Laurie drinks more (c) there's a different ending.

Laurie and Annie having a more difficult relationship does nothing for the movie.  Laurie claims that Annie's scars constantly remind her of the Michael attack.  Thanks, Captain Obvious.  She also imagines killing Annie in a manner similar to Michael killing his stepfather.  Lame and continuing to piggyback off of the resemblance between Scout and Chase.

Laurie drinking more just adds another stupid subplot where she hides booze in her room.  She still whines just as often so obviously alch isn't helping with that little problem.  The "alternate" ending was basically a slo-mo copy of the [awesome] Devil's Rejects ending, but was not cool because of the previous fail of this entire movie.

So, honestly, I was looking forward to a major change in the movie to make this something I would like.  But the crappy parts still remained and I feel sad.  I will not be buying this on DVD, nor watching it ever again.  Sorry, Rob.  I'm holding my breath (tentatively) for The Blob.