Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Murder Set Pieces (2004)

Oh, Lions Gate, how you tease me. I saw your name associated with this film and I was so excited for it to be some gory, sick bloodfest that my local theater couldn't stomach. The DVD box told me that this movie was so sick and disgusting that it could barely be put on film. IMDB told me that they had to cut 23 minutes to avoid the NC-17 rating.

Maybe I am just jaded by the hundreds of hours of depraved murder that I've already viewed, but honestly, I spent an hour and a half waiting for the "shocking" part of this movie. I mean, it was kind of gross, and apparently 30 people were murdered, spilling 55 gallons of blood, but in the end, I was just meh about the whole thing.

Murder Set Pieces follows this weirdo photographer around Las Vegas. His grandfather was a Nazi and maybe he's a Nazi, but none of this is ever fully explained. He basically just picks up prostitutes and strippers and chops them up in his basement. In between, he sometimes calls his girlfriend, but somehow manages picks her little sister up from school every day. And for some random reason, they show footage of 9/11. I mean, honestly, when is there ever a reason to include that in a horror movie?

Anyway, the girlfriend's little sister thinks this guy is weird. Someone should give her a detective's job, because apparently no one else in Vegas can come to this conclusion. She sneaks into his house, and blows the cover off of everything, so good for her. This movie is seriously garbage. Oh, and the cover and title have nothing to do with anything, and frankly, that just annoys me.

Grade: F (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning - a killer is supposed to be really scary and shocking, but ends up being a complete snoozefest)