Thursday, May 22, 2008

P2 (2007)

This was a fast-moving and creepy little movie, filled with terrible decision after terrible decision by the main character, Angela. But I guess if she made a good decision at the beginning, there would be no movie, right?

P2 follows a young woman that works in a law office, and she's stuck late on Christmas Eve. In fact, she is the last person in the office when the security guy comes to check the floor. She goes back down to the parking garage with him to retrieve her car and join her family in New Jersey. Side note: I do not know a single person in Manhattan who has a car, so this whole scenario is completely unrealistic to me.

Anyway, she's having car problems, and luckily, Thomas, the lot attendant/security guard is there to help. But poof! Suddenly Angela is chained to a table wearing an incredibly skimpy dress, and preparing to eat a microwaved Christmas dinner. Instead of just going along with Thomas-the-crazy's little ploy (which is my plan if I ever get kidnapped) she rejects his advances and acts like an all-around bitch, obviously not helping the situation.

She plays the "I have a big football player boyfriend" didn't work for Drew Barrymore, and it's certainly not going to work for this chick. Thomas-the-psychopath is way out of the realm of reality and is apparently developing some strange aversion to his name.

Anyway, she manages to break free, but is ultimately trapped in the parking garage anyway. We're lead on an ongoing cat and mouse game through the levels of the parking garage, with the theme being chase, maim, kill, repeat.
This movie was pretty solid. Wes Bentley is effectively creepy, and although the chick could have been played by a million other 20-something actresses, A for effort.
Grade: C (Joy Ride -- 1.5 hours of people making dumbass decisions, but a decent thriller all around)