Sunday, May 4, 2008

Madhouse (2004)

Another random horror masterpiece from Lions Gate. Natasha Lyonne gets billing on the cover, even though she plays a random pysch patient that's barely in the movie. Oh well, good to see she's off the streets.

Madhouse is about a med student (Clark) who interns at the psychiatric hospital in order to graduate. The hospital is rundown and gross, and there's a place in the basement where they keep the worst of the worst. Kinda like Silence of the Lambs but with more poop and flies.

Once a nurse gets murdered, Clark begins investigating in order to try and find the culprit. He interviews all off the nuts in the basement, which the directors succeeded in making sincerely creepy and disturbing. This hospital seems to have no rules or regulations, as the patients walk the premises day and night, spouting off random observations. In the meantime, the intern begins "seeing" a young child (pictured on cover) roaming the hospital at night.

More murders and suicides keep occuring, and one of the patients in the basement is giving Clark cryptic clues as to who could being doing all of this. In the interim, Clark is doing one of the cute nurses, Sara, so everything is getting very complicated. For a while, it seems it's pretty obvious who the culprit is, but a few twists and turns puts that theory to rest, and the ending is a bit of a shocker.
My verdict? This was a substantially freaky movie, especially with all of the crazy visions and weird psychos locked up in the basement. The idea wasn't a groundbreaking one, but the plot moved quickly, the acting was decent, and the imagery was creepy as hell.
Grade: C (The Funhouse, not a standout classic, but not the most awful thing I've ever seen)