Sunday, January 13, 2019

Before I Wake (2016)

Since I became a parent, I don't watch creepy kid movies as much, because when you live with a kid full-time, you realize that they can in fact be creepy as fuck.  But this movie does look pretty rad, and it's the middle of day and I think I can handle it.

After losing their son in an accident, Jessie and Mark decide to become foster parents. Their first placement is a young boy named Cody, who is said to have trouble sleeping and was abandoned by his previous foster parents.  Jessie finds a stash of pills and caffeine in Cody's room, and he reveals to her that he is afraid to sleep because of someone called "The Canker Man."  That night, the living room fills with butterflies, which soon vanish.  They soon realize that Cody's dreams, and nightmares, come to life.

While Jessie relishes in the opportunity to "visit" with her deceased son through Cody's dreams, her husband feels that she is taking advantage of the situation.  Meanwhile, Cody's dreams get more horrifying.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm super over the distorted face jump scares but I was able to put it aside because I really did like this movie.  Sort of like a fairytale Nightmare on Elm Street mixed with a little bit of Mama.  The ending did have some unanswered questions, but I suppose we are supposed to draw our own conclusions.  Before I Wake was spooky, eerie and had a cool storyline and solid acting.  Definitely worth a watch despite the presence of numerous aberrations with missing eyes ;)