Saturday, November 17, 2018

13 Cameras (2015)

This guy looks creepy as hell and I already think I'm going to like this one.  13 Cameras is about a couple (Ryan and Claire) that moves into a new house and realizes that their landlord is spying on them.  Real life scares, people!  This is something that could actually happen and that shit freaks me out.  I've had my share of landlords over the years, but luckily no scary ones.

Sidebar: does everyone read Jezebel's annual scary stories contest.  The "Little Hole in the Wall" story from last year gave me NIGHTMARES. 

I already don't like Claire, who is pregnant and basically goes to yoga and decorates the nursery, yet nags her working husband about everything.  Like she seriously makes him drive with her like four hours round trip to get a stupid rocking chair for the nursery and then says it is uncomfortable.  To be honest, I don't have a hell of a lot of sympathy for the cheating husband either, but I guess that doesn't mean that these people deserve to be spied on by Creepy McWeirdo over here.


After the initial creepiness of this though, the plot kind of went nowhere. It's a cool concept but lacks the overall eeriness of something like Hangman and nothing ever happened that really made much sense.  Was he just voyeuristic and things got out of hand?  Was the basement room a part of the plan all along? Has he done this many times?  Is he raising his protege?!  So many questions. Perhaps there will be a 13 Cameras: Part Deux.