Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Rezort (2015)

Life as a mom is crazy, because sometimes you're so busy, and sometimes you're so mind-numbingly bored, but among all that time, you get very little time alone.  Whole weekend days used to stretch before me, which I filled with hours of movies and endless writing.  My blog was robust and much-followed.  But these days it's hard to get the length of a movie alone, or the energy and focus to write.  I find myself watching the same movies over and over for comfort, and so I can just zone out.  But I'm making an effort to focus more on myself, so I once again have an afternoon ahead to watch and write.  I'm going to make this happen more often :)

First up is The Rezort, where "every apocalypse deserves an after party."  So in the (British) future, the war against the zombies has been won.  What remains of the walkers are confined to a fancy resort that offers canned hunts that prove both fun and therapeutic. 

Melanie, a survivor of the outbreak, hopes to conquer her trauma by killing the zombies, and brings her boyfriend Lewis along.  Sadie, dumped right before her wedding, hopes to work out some anger on her would-be honeymoon.  Annoying teens Jack and Alfie vow to "tap that ass til it falls off."  Hopefully they will die first.  Archer, a veteran of the zombie war,

Sadie sneaks into a control room, corrupting files, but the employees, not wanting to draw the ire of owner Valerie, decide to try and fix it on the DL.  Everyone embarks on their zombie-killing mission, which is fairly uneventful, and they go to a spot to camp for the night.  Predictably, the security system fails completely, endangering tourists and staff and initiating a "burn it to the fucking ground protocol."

The survivors of course make their best attempt to escape, and there is an interesting twist involving one of the characters.  It's hard to go wrong with a zombie movie, and this fun take on the sub-genre of post-zombie-apocalypse certainly didn't miss the mark.