Sunday, July 9, 2017

Get Out (2017)

I have not heard one negative thing about this movie since it was released in theaters, and I was really looking forward to watching it. This movie has everything - creepiness, horror, humor (seriously, the TSA friend!) and racial commentary at a time where it's very applicable.  Fun fact: the title was based on one of of Eddie Murphy's jokes where white people stay in haunted houses, while black people hear "GET OUT" and leave immediately.

For those who have missed the hype around this movie, a short summary.  Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) has been invited to visit his girlfriend Rose's (Allison Williams) family.  It's notable, obviously, that Chris is black and Allison and her family are white.  It's creepy right from the start, with the zombie-like hired help (who are the only non-white people to be seen), the parents' behavior, and brother Jeremy's immediate challenging of Chris.  Allison claims Chris is the first black man she's brought home, and he chalks up the strangeness to racial isolation of sorts.

But things get creepier, with all the weird neighbors asking strange questions during a party, and the groundskeeper and housekeeper shutting down as Chris tries to befriend them.  Another black man at the party also acts oddly, and Chris is on edge.  Of course this all leads down a veritable rabbit hole of craziness, peppered by the hysterical comic relief of Chris's friend Rod (LilRel Howery).

I was scanning through the IMDB trivia after watching and realized I missed tons of little things and symbolisms and will have to go back and watch it again.  This movie stuck with me too, I kept revisiting scenes days after I watched it.  Awesome idea, great concept, excellent acting, and yes, a heavy helping of racial commentary at a time when racial tensions are at a peak.  Well done, Jordan Peele.