Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Finally getting around to digging through my DVR, and can't really remember why I taped this one, but here we go!  Robert Englund aside, the cast is a who's-who of "oh that guy"s like Jere Burns, Courtney Gains, and Clint Howard.  Another fun fact is that this movie was mostly filmed at the real Land of Illusion Scream Park in Middletown, Ohio.

So the Warden (Robert Englund), is apparently "running" some defunct-ish asylum where the craziest of crazy go to rot.  That is, until they get busted out by a goth chick badly posing as a reporter (Candice De Visser).  Of course, very conveniently, a haunted house based on their crimes is opening up nearby.  So of course they can blend in as if they are the performers.  And if people get killed, it looks like it's just part of the show!

There's lots of people mixed up in this disaster of a haunted house, but the core group is two stoners, a shy wannabe couple, and a couple that is constantly banging.  Both couples are painful to watch -- the one because of their awkwardness, and the other because of her constant orgasmic shrieking and his demands to be called "superhero" and "Mr. President."

So it's kinda clear what happens when you throw together a bunch of serial killers and haunted house enthusiasts.  But some of these folks aren't just about to lie down and take it, and they decide to fight back, with varying results.  Having a handful of serial killers makes it hard to really develop any of the characters, so this movie relies heavily on cheesy acting, bloody gore and fun kills.  And it has that in spades.

Nothing groundbreaking here, but it was pretty fun, and who doesn't love a good haunted house movie?  But this is not to be confused with the awesomely low-budget, 80s glory of the superior The Funhouse, which I can't believe I haven't reviewed yet!