Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Tortured (2010)

I've been wanting to watch this movie forever, because yay Bill Moseley, but also Erika Christensen and Jessie Metcalfe!  Torturing child killers?!  Awesome.  And although I haven't mentioned this in a while, this is one more flick on my way to completion of the "Bill Moseley Movie Project," where I watch every movie Bill Moseley has ever been in.  Fangirl much?  YEP.

I'm always excited when I see the IFC intro, but the Twisted Pictures logo brings back wonderful memories of watching the first Saw movie in one of those discount/second-run theaters in my college town.

In The Tortured, young Benjamin Landry (Thomas Greenwood) is kidnapped by John Kozlowski (Bill Moseley).  His parents, Craig and Elise (Jessie Metcalfe and Erika Christiansen) are obviously distressed and frustrated by the police. Bill Moseley as the bi-polar princess/daddy?  Well...he busts out the Otis Firefly voice, but the intimidation just isn't there.

So it's no secret that that Kozlowski is the one responsible for the kidnapping and murder of their son. After he receives only 25 to life, the Landrys are set on revenge.  What makes it extra interesting is that Craig is a doctor, therefore being able to inflict the most amount of pain on Kozlowski, while keeping him not only alive, but conscious.

They go down the gauntlet of torture, planning to drag it out as long as possible, while continually reminding Kozlowski of all he did to their son.  At first, they're a little hesitant, but then they really go balls to the wall.

Now, there is a twist in the last five minutes of the movie that turns the whole thing on its ear.  I can't say whether I really liked the twist or not, but it did wrap it up in an interesting way.  This movie sort of reminded me of Prisoners but it didn't even come close to having the same impact.  All in all, an okay movie if you like seeing people be tortured, but not enough suspense, and certainly not enough Bill Moseley.