Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Last Days (2013)

The concept for this movie really intrigued me.  An agoraphobia so severe that it would kill you to go outside?  Plus I love post-apocalyptic stories, and even though this isn't a zombie attack or a nuclear winter, these people seem pretty well fucked.

Marc and Enrique have been trapped in an office building for three months after what is deemed "The Panic," which basically kills you when you step outside.  They decide to make a run for it.  Marc wants to find his girlfriend, Julia, and Enrique's motivation is unclear at first.  As they make their way through the subway, they see that they've previously been living in the lap of luxury in comparison.  The subways are now basically refugee camps where people battle for food and water.  The GPS they are in possession of becomes a hot commodity.  They must wind through tunnels and sewers to reach first Marc's apartment, and then Enrique's destination.

As they make their way to their respective places, they come across others, and learn lessons about surviving in this new world.  Some of the scenes, such a the rain in the apartment and the view of the burning buildings, are downright beautiful.  The apocalyptic views of Barcelona are amazing, deserted and with wildlife running free. Also, a FUCKING BEAR.  That was probably a little overkill but also kinda cool. The details were incredible, like the stacked shopping carts with torches in the supermarket, the rats running along the subway tracks, and the pigeons hanging from the ceiling in Marc's apartment.  The people they came across were equally intriguing, and the relationship between Marc and Enrique really developed throughout their journey.

I saw that not everyone liked the ending.  Let me be clear, I freaking LOVED the ending.  I thought it was a really great wrap up of the whole story, which was intense and beautifully woven.  I actually teared up a little at the end, but I am a little overemotional lately ;)  DEFINITELY check this one out on Netflix instant.