Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Among Friends (2012)

I want so much to like this movie.  I love Danielle Harris so much and I'm just pulling for her to do well.  The concept of this movie sounds very much like April Fool's Day and I was a little confused at first as to whether this movie actually takes place in the 80s, or if they are attending a costume party  Seems like it's the latter.  But hey, Kane Hodder is the limo driver!  Yay!

So the group of friends assembles at their rich friend Bernadette's house to play some sort of murder mystery.  But right from the start, there's various drama going on, and it seems that one of the friends they expected to join them is actually missing.  After searching for a few clues around the house, they sit down to dinner, where more clues are revealed.   Unfortunately, most of the dinner guests become paralyzed from the waist down.  All except Bernadette, of course, who reveals that she has been secretly videotaping everyone without them knowing.  She says that they can each ask questions about what is going on, but she gets to do something to them in return.  You know, like a little haircut:

Bernadette continues to show videos of her friends getting up to nonsense, all while making them pay for various transgressions like asking her to stop the videos, or begging to know what happened to their friend, Lilly.  It turns out they've all been cheaters, hoes, and rapists, and according to Bernadette, they all need to pay.  There's a lot of whining, begging, and pleading, a little gore, and a lot of vomit.  There's this whole trippy sequence with this chick on mushrooms that gave me a headache, and then the whole movie kind of ended abruptly.

I'll say that even with it's flaws, this was a nice first effort from Danielle Harris.  She makes a cheeky cameo in the mushroom scene as a grown-up Jamie Lloyd, and you know she wasn't going to make this flick without Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Michael Biehn.  The 80s theme was a cute nod to her roots, and although this one was definitely rough around the edges, it was a decent directorial debut.