Friday, August 9, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 7 "Imperfect Circles"

So, let's just say that both TimeWarner Cable and CBS are not my friends right now.  I'm not sure how many people this is affecting, but CBS is completely off the air in my area, due to some sort of fee dispute with TimeWarner.  Why do neither of these entities realize that I need my Under the Dome on Monday nights?!?!  Luckily (for me, I guess) I have Amazon Prime, which makes episodes of Under the Dome available after they air.  So, four days later, I'm able to finally see my beloved show, and I hope that TWC and CBS gets this shit resolved by next Monday, because seriously.  Also football season is coming up.

Before I start my recap for this week, can we have a quick sidebar on the fact that I did not know that Mike Vogel was in both Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cloverfield?  Talk about a dude who has aged well.  I had to google to even remember who he was in either of these movies, and he has just gotten so attractive since then.  Not that he was hard to look at in either of those movies, but seriously he is the sexiest thing about Monday nights right now. 

Joe and Norrie are in bed together.  But it's sort of innocent because they're just planning a trip to the dome.  But she's flirting hardcore.  And, yes OMFG Barbie and Julia slept together.  More sexy reasons to watch.  Round 2 gets interrupted by a yogurt-seeking neighbor. Big Jim bitch-slaps Junior into staying away from Angie.

Meanwhile, Julia's cock-blocking neighbor, Harriet, is going into labor, due to the fact that she touched the dome.  Angie goes back to the diner to visit Rose's body even though, I don't know, there's probably other threats lurking within.  Joe and Norrie are making out on top of the dome, just to see if anything changes.  In one of the best segues/pick up lines ever, Joe suggests they have sex on the dome to switch it up.

Big Jim tries to access his propane, but gets met with opposition.  Barbie goes on undercover patrol.  Julia and Harriet get attacked en route to the hospital, by dudes jacking their gas.  Barbie OF COURSE comes to the rescue.  Angie buries Rose and tries to clean up the diner.  Big Jim comes by for a cocktail.  Joe and Norrie get spooked by the dog, but decide to soldier on.

OMG Barbie carries a pregnant woman and my ovaries are skipping a beat.  Joe and Norrie find a little mini dome, with a black egg inside.  Alice insists that Harriet push, because this baby is freakin' coming out.  Big Jim gets hammered, which is more my speed.  Wally is not taking any more of his shit, and decides that he will be the new head of the town.

Linda and Junior attempt to capture the murderers of Rose.  Really, no one should be arming Junior right now.  Joe and Norrie try to talk to the mini dome.  When Alice gets woozy, Barbie steps in to help deliver the baby!  Could this man get any more desirable?!?!  Obviously he delivers a totally healthy baby, even saving her from an umbilical cord debacle.

Junior apologizes to Angie, but come on.  Norrie comes to visit her mom.  Angie finally reunites with Joe.  Norrie begs for her mom to live.  That's sad but we're all easily distracted by both the new baby and budding romance between Barbie and Julia.  Oh, and also the car that Big Jim set on fire.  The egg within the mini dome is....maybe hatching?!  Until next week!