Monday, July 15, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 4 - "Outbreak"

God-DAMN this man is good looking.  At first, Jeff Fahey was the best thing about this show, but now that he has been cruelly ripped from my Monday night television, I must spend my hour lusting after Barbie, while Scream King whines, "ugh, there's no good looking girls on this showwwww."  When we left the residents of Chester's Mill last week, Julia was rifling through Barbie's stuff, Big Jim was serving up some vigilante justice, and the teenagers were having some more of those pesky seizures.  Oh, and you can't escape the dome by going underground.  But I think we all kinda knew that.

The theme of this week's episode is SHIT JUST GOT REAL.  Oh, did Angie try to fake seduce Junior and then slice him with scissors?  NO.  He will have none of that.  As people start to pile into the hospital, one half of the the two moms, who is a psychiatrist but apparently knows medicine, suspects meningitis.  Not only are there not many antibiotics left, but the Reverend is busy burning all of the drugs from the pharmacy.  Meanwhile, Julia takes off with the map and some information about the cabin where her husband was killed.  She arrives there to find some evidence that isn't clear to us.

Angie wakes up to a broken pipe and her little dungeon being flooded.  Barbie questions the DJ as to what information he told Julia.  Junior takes a stand against the townpeople, imploring them to stay in the clinic to avoid spreading meningitis to anyone else.  Joe and Nori videotape themselves having those weird seizures.  Joe creepily looks at the camera and makes a "ssshhh" gesture.  Ugh, that gave me the willies.

Barbie once again saves the day, rescuing a passed-out Julia from the cabin, where she discovered her husband's crippling debt.  Barbie comes a little clean and explains that he's a leg-breaker, paid to go after guys who owe their bookies.  Julia seems shocked, but Barbie explains that her husband probably just ran away from his debts....he's certainly not buried in the woods somewhere ;)

Woken from her meningitis haze, Linda mistakenly trusts Junior, making him a deputy.  The flooding of the basement has caused Angie's voice to carry, and Big Jim to discover her tucked away.  The Reverend declares himself "clean" of their business and hands over his profits to Big Jim.   Until next week!