Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 3 - "Manhunt"

Lots of dramz going on under the dome in Chesters Mill.  A cop just went crazy and shot a gun at the dome which of course bounced off and killed another police officer.  Effective!  Barbie, the only person that seems to be able to control shit in this town, subdues the guy so they can lock him up.  But he stages some fake choking thing and escapes.  Poor Linda is getting held back by Big Jim, who thinks that the men need to handle the ensuing manhunt.

Meanwhile, Joe is the only kid in town whose parents are conveniently outside the dome, and he also has a generator.  Party time at Joe's!  He's a little wary at first, but he has a big crush on Norrie, who is hiding from her two moms.  Everyone is calmly charging their phones and reading too deeply into the Simpsons Movie, when some douche comes over and bogarts the electricity, causing the whole thing to blow.  Also, Norrie's parents finally find her, so the party is basically over.  Ooops, except they're going into one of those weird seizure things again with the stars falling and all of that.

Junior, who still has Angie locked up in the basement, goes in search of an escape from the dome through an underground tunnel in an abandoned factory,  Good idea, but he doesn't even bring a flashlight.  Julia is so excited about following him that she doesn't bring any supplies either.  Ooops.  Turns out the dome goes underground too, so that trip was all for naught.  Especially when they almost get lost and trapped down there.  Angie decides to seduce Junior a bit, all while hiding some scissors for when she can use them later.

Big Jim, Barbie and a couple senior citizens go looking for the rogue cop.  Although he has "military experience," they find him fairly easily, hanging out in an area of the woods he was known to frequent.  He comes out with guns blazing, but Linda becomes the hero of the day when she takes him the fuck out.  Big Jim tells a weird story about how he intentionally shattered a fellow football player's pelvis.  I do not trust this guy for a second and neither does Barbie.

Back at Julia's, she can't just take a second to revel in the beauty which is Barbie taking a shower two feet away from her.  Instead of asking to join, she rifles through his bag and finds a map.  Dun dun dun.  Until next week!