Monday, July 1, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 2 - "The Fire"

Recap time!  Last week the people of Chester's Mill got sealed in and Jeff Fahey, who was already my favorite person on the show, is probably dead.  Thanks, CBS.  Also, Barbie killed Julia's husband over a deal gone wrong.  But she is under the impression that he's on his way back at any moment.  If I had this sexy piece of man sleeping in my house, and my husband six feet under, I'd be thinking how I want to spend the end of the world ;)

Julia is chucking a tennis ball at the dome, but the army people are under strict orders to ignore everyone inside.  Meanwhile, poor Angie is trying to get out of her basement prison.  Junior is having none of that.  In some sort of weird strategy to irritate him, she claims to have slept with Barbie and loved it.  Ummm, weird way to try and get out of the basement.

OMG WHY JEFF FAHEY WHY.  Big Jim takes off with "The Reverend" to go clean up their mess.  Meanwhile, a couple of the teenagers have banded together to do some trig and try to find out the dimensions of the dome.  The chick over at the radio station has done some electrical engineering and now she can hear the radio transmissions from outside.  Oooops, these people are now just realizing that it's a dome, and..."we're all gonna die in here."  DRAMZ.

The military is testing if water will go through the dome, and it does...a little.  Of course they don't stay looking at the kids long enough to find that out.  The Reverend needs to get to Duke's house before Linda does, since she is the new owner of said residence.  Barbie returns to the cabin to get his dogtags, but Junior follows him to confront him about the sex that never actually happened.  In an attempt to grab the incriminating evidence from Duke's house, the Reverend manages to start a fire.  Of course, this poses a problem since all the fire trucks are on the other side of the dome.  Also a problem is the fact that the Reverend is screaming for help in a burning house that doesn't belong to him.

The townspeople are trying to put out the fire by using a couple hoses and passing a bunch of buckets.  It's not going very well.  Until Big Jim shows up with a bulldozer and knocks the house down.  Junior returns to Angie, weaving a tale about how he killed Barbie, which of course is not true.  Big Jim is still acting like the town leader, even though he's doing something sketchy behind the scenes.  Paul the cop starts to go a little postal, brandishing a gun and screaming how they're all going to die.  Oh, and also shooting another cop.

Next week: The threat from within is still the biggest problem!  Not the threat from above.  People are mad!  People are banging on the dome.  And Scream Queen is looking forward to it!