Wednesday, October 31, 2012

American Horror Story Asylum - Episode 3

Back to the present day asylum, where Bloody Face is attacking.  Looks like it's just a couple douches fucking around.  Or actually killing people.  But it "went too far" so maybe it wasn't intentional?  I'm confused.

And now back to the real asylum, where things are a little clearer for me.  Sister Mary Eunice is possessed and it turns her into a gloriously snarky bitch.  A newspaper lands on Sister Jude's desk with the headline about the little girl she killed.  Ooopsie, who put that there?  She remains incredibly suspicious of Dr. Thredson.  Meanwhile, there's a big storm coming.  Sister Jude arranges for everyone to watch The Sign of the Cross when the storm is at it's worst.

Dr. Arden finds a weird, spider like contraption was residing in Kit's neck.  Mary Eunice has developed a taste for stabbing people with scissors.  No worries though, because she can feed the dead bodies to the creatures outside.  Since being possessed by the devil, Mary Eunice has also had a slight increase in libido.  Unfortunately Dr. Arden doesn't like dirty talkers.  Dr. Thredson agrees to do Lana a favor, as he is more than happy to betray Sister Jude.

Sister Jude, meanwhile, is being tortured by her past.  Dr. Arden suggests she's "coming apart at the seams," and he seems to be right.  Ooopss, someone shouldn't have left that wine in reach of Sister Jude.  She snarfed the whole thing.  She introduces the movie night totally hammered.  She almost carries it off, but then starts randomly blabbering.  Dr. Arden says "whore" a lot, and also paints Virgin Mary statues with lipstick.

Kit, Grace, Lana, and Shelley stage their escape under cover of the storm.  Sister Jude stumbles around looking for a missing inmate, but she's probably already forgotten who she was looking for.  Shelley misses the escape and gets grabbed up by Dr. Arden.  Ahhhh, the creatures!!  They look like zombies.  Dr. Arden has Shelley in his lab, and he explains that her "wings needed to be clipped."  In Dr. Arden-speak, that means double leg amputation!!