Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sleepaway Camp II (1988)

HAHAHA.  I love this poster, which insinuates that Freddy and Jason actually appear in Sleepaway Camp 2, when in reality, a couple of teenagers just put on some crappy Freddy and Jason costumes.  So how do you follow up one of the best horror movie endings of all time?  By bringing in Bruce Springsteen's sister and making an oddball sequel with a high body count.

Angela (Pamela Springsteen) is back.  After years of therapy, electroshock, and a sexual reassignment, she's ready to rejoin the summer camp workforce.  Before the days of background checks and the magical internet, apparently it is very easy for a person who slaughtered a whole summer camp to get another job at a summer camp.

There are several things that are clear.  Angela does not like people showing their boobs.  She does not like sluts.  She does not like people having sex.  And she does not like people not following the rules.  She is a virgin, and proud of it, dammit.  She also runs a tight ship at Camp Rolling Hills, with the proprietor, Uncle John, pretty much letting her do whatever she wants.  This includes killing campers and counselors and claiming to have "sent them home" for bad behavior.  I was a little confused about who was campers and who was counselors because everyone seemed so old.  Do you still go to summer camp in your teens?  This was definitely a confusing part of the movie.

Angela really wants to have a fun summer and sing the "happy campers" song every morning, but the campers are making it very difficult for her.  They drink, they smoke, they have sex, and they flash their breasts repeatedly to fellow campers.  The boys have panty raids, and everyone sneaks off to various locations to bang.  This doesn't sit well with Angela.  And her only reaction is to kill.  And kill she does.  In an amazing number of ways.

This sequel wasn't exactly necessary (very few really are) but the pure creativity of kills in this movies makes it worth making.  A drowning in an outhouse?  Drill to the stomach?  Strangling by hanger?  Set on freakin' fire?  Sleepaway Camp II has an astounding creativity in the way of murders.  Besides that, there's not much else besides sex, boobs, corny acting, and Angela being a goody two shoes, but should we really ask for too much more?  This is a fun teenage slasher watch, although nothing could top the shock of the original.