Thursday, June 21, 2012

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

If we can't count on Corey Feldman to defeat Jason, what do we have left to believe in?  It looked like he got him pretty good in The Final Chapter but I guess it takes more than a child actor to defeat Jason once and for all.

Now it's several years later, and another actor is playing Tommy Jarvis.   He gets the brilliant idea to go to Jason's grave and just check and make sure he's dead.  Hold on, what?  Who buried Jason?  Does he have family around who cares about him?  Who paid for the grave marker?  This whole part is sort of confusing to me.

Tommy and friend dig up the grave, and Tommy goes into a rage, stabbing the dead body over and over.  Lightning strikes (literally) and Jason is brought back to life.  Tommy tries to tell the police force, but no one is buying it.  Meanwhile, some morons in awesome 80s clothes are opening the camp again, calling it Camp Forest Green.  A bus just drops a bunch of kids off and that's that.  Oh, the 80s.

Tommy is having quite the run-in with the local law, white cutie Megan attempts to help out Tommy in ending Jason's life once and for all.  While Jason traipses about stabbing people and bending them in half, Megan and Tommy try to devise a plan.  Strangely, Jason doesn't kill any of the kids at the camp though.  Taboo, or does Jason just not kill kids since he's essentially one himself?

Megan and Tommy think that burying Jason under the lake will end his reign of terror.  Right in front of all the kids at the ill-fated camp, they trick Jason into a watery grave. A pretty sweet fight scene ensues and Jason is held off until a further sequel.  Although Jason Lives has become a cult classic, it's far from the best in the series.  And I kind of missed Corey Feldman!


Jenny Krueger said...

"Jason, Jason. My special, special boy." Great review, horror sister! :)