Sunday, May 13, 2012

Psycho Ward (2007)

There was an odd trend in the mid-to-late-2000s, where horror movie posters and DVD covers featured random creepy images that had nothing to do with the actual movie at all.  Psycho Ward is a great example.  Looking at this image makes me think of a horrifically neglected mental hospital, where patients are tortured to the point where death is the only escape.  Right?  Only me? 

Anyway, that is not what Psycho Ward is about.  It actually focuses on a somewhat ragtag bunch of filmmakers, who are doing a documentary on mental hospitals that were suspected to have participated in secret government experiments.  This time, they're at Black Creek Hospital (ominous name) being led by a person (Monica) who runs a website about the history of the institution.  The various characters are fairly annoying and vapid, and their leader, Dr. Magellan reads his lines in a total monotone.  The dialogue seems like they're trying to deliver their lines in an American accent (it's a Canadian movie) but it comes off sounding like a junior high school play.

When the group goes in to check out the hospital, they unwillingly become locked inside, and pursued by a masked madman who supposedly had been killed in a fire years prior.  Against basic horror movie logic, they separate on multiple occasions, each time losing someone to the not-so-mysterious killer.  There's some random backstory, like the group thinking Monica is involved somehow, a groundskeeper that never shows, and some vague nonsense about a chapel.  There were some good gory moments sprinkled in there, and the soundtrack was pretty badass.  And I will admit that the production value was pretty high, although the sound was kind of fucked up.  One of those where you have to keep turning the volume up and down.

The benefit to finishing this movie?  I no longer have to watch that creepy chick glaring at me from position #7 on my Netflix instant queue.  I feel bad for her, whoever she is, since they never did seem to locate her in the mental hospital.  Unanswered questions, I guess ;)