Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

I've never liked Jeepers Creepers.  This flick definitely has a cult following, and was popular enough to spawn two more movies (apparently the JC3 is on deck for 2013), and possibly a third (MGM is apparently interested in filming JC4 directly after it).

Darry (Justin Long) and his sister Trish (Gina Phillips) are traveling to their parent's house for spring break.  Trish seems a bit torn up over a boyfriend, so she insists that they take the "back way" home to kill some time.  While they're driving, bickering, and playing license plate games, they are rapidly approached by the now-infamous "beatingu" truck:

Shaking off the strange truck, they drive on, only to see the truck again up ahead on the road.  They observe the driver of the car dumping what appears to be bodies down a sewer drain.  They attempt to drive on, but the driver has already seen them.  He gives chase, but they're able to shake him off.  After much debate and guilty feelings, they decide to return to the site of the body-dumping and investigate.  Darry falls into the pipe, where he discovers a dying young man, and a plethora of bodies stitched together lining the walls.  Finally able to escape, Darry and Trish call the police from a nearby diner/gas station.

We learn the "Jeepers Creepers" connection, as a random lady calls Darry and Trish to tell them that when they hear that song, terrible things will happen.  She also mentions tragedy surrounding a scene with many cats.  The police that have arrived to help are particularly unhelpful. For the remainder of the movie, everyone runs from "The Creeper," a creature that emerges every 23rd spring for 23 months to feast on body parts.  Um, okay?  Apparently he smells fear, and likes this brother and sister in particular.

There are some creepy moments in this movie, like the scene under the church, the creature eating body parts, and the conclusion of the "eye" storyline.   But after another watch, I still kinda hate this movie.  I don't like Justin Long, and I just don't freakin' get "The Creeper."  We're supposed to be scared of some stupid song and a dude that only comes around every 23 years?!  WTF?