Sunday, April 8, 2012

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999)

You thought they were going to stop at #5 didn't you?  Clearly the people that keep making these movies couldn't resist the chance to do a "666" sequel.  Because that pun certainly isn't overdone at all.  So what do they do to keep things relevant?  Let's bring Isaac back!  Didn't he die though?  No, silly horror viewers, he's been in a COMA for the last nineteen years!  In a random hospital with a bunch of weirdos wandering around.  And who is our heroine this time?  A young woman named Hannah (Natalie Ramsey) was apparently born in Gatlin (to a child bride, perhaps?) and adopted by a family in California.  She returns to Gatlin to go searching for her birth parents, and Isaac randomly awakens at the exact time that she enters the hospital.

Also strange about Hannah's visit to Gatlin?  Everyone seems to know exactly who she is!  Creepy.  Apparently she is the first born child of the original Gatlin corn cult.  From the original movie, I think?  It's not entirely clear.  Oh!  And her mom is still alive.  And Isaac is ready to lead the cult again, making Hannah the head of the "new generation of the chosen."  Did anyone ask her if she wanted to be?  Just wondering.

So basically everyone running around in this movie are children of the original people in the corn.  And there's some sort of prophecy that the first born child (of the corn?) is to return on the eve of her 19th birthday to lead a new generation of followers to "He Who Walks Behind the Rows."  Apparently she will become the mother of a superior race.  Um, okay.

A battle in the corn ensues, with lots of arguing, and one cool full-body slice.  Also, is the the first actual sex scene in a COTC movie?  Surely, this banging would upset He Who Walks Behind the Rows.   Then in the last few minutes, it sort of all comes together.  A sort of lame attempt at a twist, but obviously sets up it for yet another sequel, Dream Child-style.

What's confusing about all these movies is why these people keep sticking with this nonsense.  Seriously, what does this corn god do for them?  And before it was only children, but then since the last movie, it involves adults as well?  The fact that this religion charade keeps going for 19 years is really what is even more unbelievable than Isaac being in a coma all this time.  

There's some pretty cool violence and deaths in here that aren't as graphic as in other COTC sequels.  Fun fact -- with all these Children of the Corn sequels, John Franklin is the only person to appear in more than one.   Pretty hard to believe I've got three more of these to watch!