Sunday, April 15, 2012

Absentia (2011)

Interesting premise for a movie and I've been looking forward to seeing it.  Absentia is about a woman Tricia (Courtney Bell) who's husband Daniel (Morgan Peter Brown) went missing seven years ago.  Since the statute of limitations has passed, she has decided to file a death in absentia in order to obtain a death certificate for her husband.  Meanwhile, she's pregnant, apparently by the detective on the case.  Her sister, Callie (Katie Parker) comes to visit and help out with the paperwork, moving, packing, etc. 

Callie immediately starts experiencing strange things in her sister's neighborhood.  She especially experiences weird situations in the tunnel near her house that leads to a park.  Tricia hallucinates her husband appearing in dreams, and during her meditation periods.  Meanwhile, just as Callie encourages Tricia to go on a date with her detective boy toy, Daniel stumbles into the front yard, bloody and confused. 

Of course, this can't be a happy ending, and there's a bunch of nonsense that Tricia wants to blame on Callie's drug use, but I think it's actually happening, or maybe it's not?  There's a lot of background about other people going missing from the neighborhood, and does it all have to do with the weird tunnel?  And missing animals and jewelry?  Or not?  Ahhh, brain overload.

I have to agree completely with The Horror Digest on this one...there's so much awesome and creepy about this movie, but there's just not much to say about it without saying everything, or maybe nothing at all.  For the first time in a while, I feel lost for words.  Some people will love this movie, and some people will hate it, but I really enjoyed it overall.