Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Walking Dead - Season 2: Episode 11

**Programming note: I think I'm going to start tagging TV episodes as recaps instead of reviews.  These things are chock full of spoilers and describe the whole episode, so recap it is** 

Carl usually isn't my jam, but given that I'm going to see him at the Monster Mania Convention this weekend, and there are only two Episode 11 pictures available online, we'll go with this shot over a lame one of Dale.

We open up with Darryl kicking the crap out of Randall.  I love to see old-school badass Darryl.  He tells of the group he was with, 30 in all, with men that apparently ran around raping and scavenging.  He claims to be different.  Darryl does not seem convinced.  He relays the message to Rick, who decides they're just going to kill the kid, thus "removing the threat."  Dale wants to make a whole trial and discussion about it, and Rick agrees to give him until sunset.

Andrea (apparently a former civil rights lawyer) comes out with, "who says we're civilized anymore?"  Love it.  She's growing on me.  Dale assigns her to watch Randall, which she's not crazy about, but agrees to.  Shane and Andrea apparently have a sexypants alliance.  Love that as well.  Carl is starting to look really Children of the Corn in that ridiculous hat.  Dale tries to preach to Darryl, who is now living on his own in a tent.  Is Rick seriously thinking about hanging the dude?  That seems inefficient.  Lori is losing about 10 pounds an episode.  How are we supposed to buy her pregnancy?

Carl bitches out Carol.  What has gotten into that little brat?!  Then Carol bitches out Lori.  AWESOME.  Rick tells Carl less talking, more thinking.  I wish he would just tell him to STFU.  Dale thinks Herschel is on his side, but he is incorrect.  Herschel doesn't want his precious virginal girls being corrupted and he'd be happy to see Randall dead.

Carl continues his day of shenanigans and goes poking around Darryl's campsite.  This kid needs some discipline.  You know how they say sociopaths start as kids by torturing small animals?  Apparently in the zombie apocalypse, sociopaths get their kicks by throwing rocks at zombies who are stuck in the mud.  I hope he gets loose and has this little punk as an afternoon snack.

Dale and Shane butt heads again.  Yawn.  Ooooh, Glenn!  It's been awhile.  I'd appreciate some banging in this episode.  Herschel grills Glenn about his race, then waxes poetic about his wife, and his drinking days.  Cue awkward conversation about Maggie.  He even gives Glenn a family heirloom.  WEIRD.  Is he still going to kick everyone out?  Just let Glenn stay?  So many questions.

Carl, that is what you get for teasing a zombie.  I hope Darryl knocks some sense into you for stealing his gun, which is now lost.  Sorry you don't have Sophia to play with anymore, but that does not give you permission to be a douchebag.  Okay, back to the Randall thing.  I understand they're worried about this group of people, but how would he contact them?  Smoke signals?  I'm confused about that part.  I feel like they're going to get back to the barn and find out he escaped.

Nope, they've got the poor kid tied up and he's off for his execution.  Rick is starting to scare me a little.  If he's trying to have a hardass contest with Shane, he may be winning.  Ooooops, he can't bring himself to shoot Randall when Carl walks in.  Especially since Michael Myers Jr. eggs him on.  Lori has her typical wet blanket reactions, while Andrea rushes off to tell Dale the good news.  A zombie attacks Dale, and while Darryl arrives with the awesome, it's a little too late.  Meanwhile, this is 100 percent little Carl's fault, since he taunted that zombie in the mud until it got loose.  Poor Dale.  He was starting to get on my nerves, but I certainly never wished death on him!  RIP.

Next week?  Does Randall get loose?  Holy crap.  Rick is set to prove Dale wrong about the whole "group being broken" thing.  Andrea and Shane ride in a car together again.  Hopefully this results in sex.  Only two episodes left this season!