Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Walking Dead - Season 2: Episode 9

The last episode ended with Rick being too awesome for words.  I almost forgot Lori was nearly dead in a car surrounded by walkers.  I hope she gets eaten.  Seriously, she is insufferable.  Rick just finished being the most awesome person alive and Herschel and Glen are in awe. 

The group is getting ready to leave when a car pulls up.   It's more of the dudes' group who heard the gunshots.  Rick shuts some shit down and claims they drew on them and it's time to pack it up and go.  All the people back at the house realize that Lori is gone, and Carol learns that she asked Darryl to go with her.  Darryl says he's "done being an errand boy" (yes!!) and calls Lori a "dumb bitch" (double yes!) 

Now it's a standoff at the bar and the farm people seem to be the stronger side.  Shane leaves to look for Lori, by himself, in the car where he and Andrea banged.  Awesome.  Glen, Rick, and Herschel make a plan to escape.  Turns out Herschel could shoot all along, but just didn't "want to." He never would have survived all that Atlanta nonsense. 

They try to escape and pretty much agree to shoot everything in their way.  Unfortunately, on the way out, they run into a kid with his leg impaled on a fence. I say shoot him in the head, but Rick has compassion.  They attempt to cut off his leg, but his screaming attracts Walkers.  As the Walkers descend, Rick takes drastic measures.

Lori is wandering and Shane saves her stupid ass again.   He lies and says that Rick is back so that she'll agree to return to the camp.  After everyone reconvenes, Shane spills about the pregnancy and Carl is surprised.  He wants to name the baby Sophia.  LoL.  Shane insists that what they had was real.  Lori disagrees.   Why does he want this emaciated bitch anyway? 

As everyone else gears up to look for Rick/Glen/Herschel, they make it back.  Huge scandalous moment when Maggie runs right past Herschel to get to Glen.  Love it.  They have the guy with the messed up leg, Randall.  The others are worried about him escaping and bringing more people back to the farm, which shouldn't happen since they blindfolded him on the way there.  The Darryl/Carol sexual tension continues.  Herschel and Maggie have drama.

Shane and Andrea chat since they are the only "outcasts."  I wouldn't mind being an outcast with Shane.  Rick strips and looks muy caliente.  Lori strips and looks skeletal.  "You killed the living to protect what's yours?"  She is stupid and is playing Shane and Rick against each other.  Although I think Rick is killing it right now, I'd pick Shane any day.

The peek at next week looks super-dramatic!  Why must we wait seven days each time?!?!