Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Walking Dead - Season 2: Episode 8

Shane's my boy right now, so he's the only picture going on this blog post.  The outlanders of the farm shot all the barn zombies and no one living there is happy.  Get a clue, people.  Andrea is getting her shit together and some writers are setting up Daryl and Carol to bang.  Herschel is kicking everyone out and Glen/Maggie are sad.  Rightfully so.  She belongs more with Rick's group than anything.

There's a little funeral for people that everyone loved and all the other walkers get burned.  Rick looks extra sexy in this second half of the season and I'm hoping they're setting him up to leaving annoying bitch Lori.  She thinks he's making Carl "cold."  Seriously lady?!  This is a world full of death and destruction.  Someone ready to shoot an intruder would be an improvement here.

Shane looks sexy taking a little bath at the water pump.  Carol is mourning her zombie child.  Herschel goes missing and a wayward flask makes everyone think he's at the town bar.  A road trip is in order.  They take a car instead of horses.  Good call.  Glen is sad, Rick is foxy.  Glen admits to getting the morning after pills, and Rick already knew -- scandal!!  Darryl bitches out Lori and I am in loveeee.  Herschel is predictably in the bar getting sloshed.  You know that's where you'd find Scream Queen at ;)  Well that or in Shane's bed.  Me-ow.  

Lori looks all suburban mom driving in her Taurus to find Rick.  She behaves stupidly as usual. Herschel is drunk and combative.    Ahhh!!  Rene from True Blood and some fat dude show up.  We definitely need more characters on this nonsense.  These guys beg to get let into the farm for food and chicks.  Rick and Herschel are not having it.  I get distracted wondering who Rene would hook up with.  Holy crap, Rick has gotten hard.  Starting to think Rick and Shane are on the same page and I'm lovin' it.  Sexy law enforcement all around, ladies. 

No preview this week?  Instead I have to watch Kevin Smith for 30 seconds?  Unacceptable.