Monday, February 27, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10

It's so hard to find pictures to use for my blog posts directly after the episode airs on Sunday.  So, sorry for substandard accompanying shot.  There's a couple of storylines that they're dragging out a little too much, Sophia-style.  I don't really care about this kid that got impaled on the fence, and I care even less about Herchel's whiny daughter who is making a half-assed attempt at suicide.  I do, however, care about Rick and Shane and their paternity debacle riding together in a car towards a massive zombie hoard. 

So the kid's leg is fixed up and it's time to go drop him off somewhere.  Rick and Shane decide that they're going to drive 18 miles away so that he can't find his way back.  This all sounds like a sort of convoluted plan.  They stop in the midst of the drive to discuss Shane's relationship with Lori.  Rick makes it clear that Shane will not be involved with Lori, and that the unborn child is not his, and Carl isn't his either.  Shane gives a kind of touching speech about how he didn't keep Lori and Carl alive, but how they kept him alive, and that he never looked at Lori in a sexual way prior to thinking Rick was dead.  I know everybody thinks Shane is an asshole, but I actually think he is kind of lonely.  You know, Rick has his family, Andrea has Dale, and he doesn't really have anyone.  That makes me sort of sad for them.

However, things take a turn for the worse when they arrive at the public works building where they plan to leave their little hostage, Randall.  Shane plans on just shooting him a la Otis, and Rick disagrees.  A pretty badass fight ensues, and Shane even dumps a motorcycle on Rick!  The zombies descend and Randall sort of helps out.  This causes Rick to rethink his decision to abandon him there.  Then he drops a bombshell.  He went to school with Maggie and he knows exactly where they're all holed up at.  Rick now becomes less concerned about having one extra mouth to feed, and more concerned about the group from the bar infiltrating their safe haven.

Shane gets trapped on a bus with a dozen or so zombies trying to bust in.  Rick andRandall have a clear escape and could easily ditch Shane.  For a moment, they appear to be doing so, but swing towards the bus and rescue him.  They keep randomly zeroing in on this zombie wearing a suit traipsing through the woods.  Does someone know him?  Weird.

Meanwhile, back at the house, it's hormone central.  Lori and Maggie attempt to make some food for Maggie's sister (do we know her name?  I can't remember) which she doesn't eat.  However, she steals a knife to attempt slit her wrists.  We are then subjected to the longest conversation EVER between her and Maggie about the pros and cons of suicide in the zombie apocalypse.  She wants them to kill themselves together.  Herschel is strangely absent from all of this.

Lori and Andrea argue.  Lori calls Andrea out for not helping with the "women's" chores around the house, instead protecting the farm with the men.  It is not possible for me to hate Lori any more than I do right now.  Andrea is assigned to watch Miss Suicidal and she just opens the door and tells her to do what she wants.  This culminates in her cutting her wrist with a mirror and being easily stitched up by Herschel.  Andrea says this means she "made her choice," to live apparently.   Andrea is no longer allowed in the house.  There is way too much talking in this episode.

Next week, they bring Randall back to the farm, only to find out he's a traitor?!  There seems to be a lot of violence happening, and I'm looking forward to less talking, more awesomeness.