Saturday, February 11, 2012

Terror Trap (2010)

Psychos in a backwoods hotel?  Unbelievable, right?  Terror Trap appears to be another installment in the Psycho ripoffs.  This one's got a cobbled-together cast of "oh, I know that guy" types including Michael Madsen, Jeff Fahey, David James Elliot, and Heather Marsden.  Madsen always seems to get top billing no matter how much he's actually in a movie, because come on, Reservoir Dogs was the shit.

Don (David James Elliot) and Nancy (Heather Marsden) are riding along in rural Louisiana when they are struck by a car that quickly drives away.  After waiting by their disabled car for a while, a weird sheriff (Jeff Fahey) shows up.  He explains that there are no tow trucks or car rentals available at this hour and they should stay at a nearby motel.  Clearly that's a stupid idea if I ever heard one, but they trek over anyway.  The hotel has a creepy front desk person and cameras that seem to be watching their every move.  The couple seems ridiculously naive, ignoring blood on the wall and screams from next door just so they can get a little shut eye.

Meanwhile, there's some sort of kidnapping/murder/hooker ring where people wear strange masks and Michael Madsen is somehow involved.  I worry that this is going to be one of those low-budget flicks with way too much going on when they could have kept it simple and more effective.  The couple is completely insufferable and I spend a lot of time hoping they will just die.  Then we have the Ukranian hookers yanked from the set of Taken and a bunch of truck drivers gawking at security cameras and it's a party.  Madsen waxes all philosophical stoner to distract us from the fact that this movie is going absolutely nowhere.  There is a lot of time taken up by people watching cameras and making phone calls.

When I told my husband I was watching this movie, he responded "haha, Terror Crap."   Little did I know he was right.  To call this a ripoff of Vacancy would probably be a compliment.  I understand that Madsen is trying to get an obscene amount of movies under his belt for some sort of self-satisfaction, but I really hope he can avoid junk like this in the future.