Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Seriously, at what point in time was it okay to put Jamie Lee Curtis, Busta Rhymes, and Tyra Banks in the same movie?  Laurie Strode has been in the mental hospital for years, but is now cheeking her meds in some sort of attempt to escape.  Or confront her brother that she thought she killed but didn't.  Isn't the entire basis of the Halloween franchise "thinking" you killed Michael, but that ending up being untrue?  After numerous movies, we should know this.

Halloween H20 was a pretty sweet movie that marked the return of Jamie Lee Curtis to the Halloween movies.  Apparently they used the somewhat success of LL Cool J in that movie to book Busta and Tyra for this one.  Not sure I would have drawn that conclusion, but okay.  Resurrection picks up three years after H20 left off, and of course, Michael's back.  This time, his mask looks seriously jacked.  What happened to the hair? 

SO many random actors in this movie, including Katie Sackhoff, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Thomas Ian Nicholas.  Apparently some people owed the casting director a favor.  You know someone was all, "Jamie Lee Curtis is in this're totally going to be nominated for a Golden Globe or something!"  Wow, I'm snarkier than usual tonight.  I'm a little hangry waiting for my Thai food to arrive.

So Busta and Tyra create an internet reality show where a bunch of college kids "investigate" the Myers house for clues to the murders.  Knowing that some students wandering around a house won't make for compelling TV, they rig the house with various scare tactics and even dress someone up as Michael Myers.  However, the real Michael is there and clearly he's just going to kill off these suckers one by one. 

The kills are classic Myers, which is never too original.  Lots of stabbings and beheadings, with people hung from various doors and stuck in closets.  There's lot of shaky cam in this due to the "reality show" premise of the whole thing.  All in all, this wasn't the piece of shit I was led to believe, although it certainly wasn't the best in the franchise.  Plus we get to experience all kinds of early 2000s nostaglia from PDAs to Survivor references.  And quite enjoyably, we get treated to the memorable line, "Trick or Treat, motherfucker." (Thanks, Mr. Rhymes!)  Horror movies are such a classy institution ;)