Monday, January 23, 2012

Wrong Turn 2 (2007)

A reality show cast in the woods running from deformed hillbillies?  Could this be Rock of Love: Summer Camp?  That would actually be such an awesome idea, and I'm sure Bret Michaels would be up for it.  WT2 has a smattering of no-ones, and horror semi-regulars such as Henry Rollins, Erica Leerhsen and Crystal Lowe. 

Basically, this is a Survivor-type of competition, where six people are split into teams to traipse about the woods and do little challenges.  There's also the video guys, the producer, and the host (Henry Rollins)  And with this being a Wrong Turn movie, we have horribly deformed cannibals out for blood.  Although this movie starts out a bit different from WT1, it seems that everyone in these movies are destined to wind up in that one house where the moron looked for a bathroom in the first one.  This time, they're "looking for a phone."  Brilliant.

As the formula goes, the attractive, albeit terribly stereotypical "stars" of the reality show are set to fight for their lives trying to escape from the woods full of cannibals.  This time we get a little backstory on the cannibals and their history, which is actually very similar to that of The Hills Have Eyes remake.  We get a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even a little taste of Cabin Fever. 

The best part about the Wrong Turn movies are the cannibal special effects and the brutal kills.  This one has everything from someone being sliced directly in half, Ichi the Killer-style to an arrow through two heads at once.  The cannibals are super grotesque in this iteration, and we even get treated to cannibal sex!  Raunchy!  The mutant baby is also an especially nice touch.

Wrong Turn 2 is a predictable but fun slasher with great special effects.  Although Eric Leerhsen is no Eliza Dushku, the acting in this movie gets the job done with everybody keeping me at least somewhat interested in their fates.  They, of course, leave this open for a Wrong Turn 3, which we all know is not even the last installment of this franchise.  Rock on, mutant cannibals.