Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Clearly Tucker and Dale vs. Evil knew that I needed a laugh this week and they seriously delivered.  I haven't enjoyed a horror comedy so much since Zombieland.  Tucker (Alan Tudyck aka Pirate Steve) and Dale (Tyler Labine) were cast perfectly, and the cheesy overacting of the camping college students was spot-on.  Leading psycho Chad (Jesse Moss) was reminiscent of Skeet Ulrich in Scream and Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock was drop-dead gorg as leading lady, Allison.  The supporting, and extremely stereotypical, parts were portrayed awesomely by little-known actors who were funny and cliched without stepping on the toes of the central players.

Tucker and Dale is about two separate groups of people -- some college kids on a drunken camping weekend, and two hicks setting up a vacation home.  They cross paths initially in a country store before they both take off for their respective weekends.  The college kids are spooked by Dale, who really only has a crush on Allison, but is not good at talking to girls.  Tucker and Dale arrive at their vacation home, not aware that it was previously the residence of a serial killer, although there are clues everywhere.  The campers get drunk and skinny dip, while Tucker and Dale fish nearby.

A minor accident involving Allison kicks off the events of the rest of the movie.  While removing her clothes and preparing to jump off a high rock, Allie slips and bonks her head.  Dale saves her, and yells to her friends, who misinterpret the event as a kidnapping.  The battle is on, as the college students believe they have to "rescue" their friend, who is in reality resting comfortably and being served pancakes.

The events that follow are truly hilarious.  With all good intentions, Tucker and Dale continue to appear more and more like serial killers, while the clueless college students proceed to maim and kill themselves in hysterical fashion.  Dale is lovable and strangely intelligent, while Tucker is curmudgeonly and crass.  There's a cute little twist where we find out that Chad is not how he appears, and the revelation wraps up 90 minutes of tons of fun horror kills and every cliche in the book.  Loved this flick and can't wait to watch it again!


Kyle (Horror Hotel Management) said...

Great film. It made my top ten of 2011 List. Haven't laughed so hard in ages.

Keep up the great work, SQ :)

James Gracey said...

Also watched this fairly recently - loved it! Great chemistry and comic timing. And the ending was sweet without being saccharine.