Wednesday, December 7, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 10

We're back in 1994.  Constance is with the guy next door whose family killed themselves, who we now know as Larry. They're trying to have an enjoyable meal but Tate cannot STFU as usual.  Now previously, we thought that Larry was all burned because he was trying to rescue his family, but as with many things in this show, that is not what it seems.
Vivien is still locked up when Ben shows up to tell her that the babies have different daddies.  He says he believes her about the rape, but to be honest, he does not sound that convincing.  The cops show up at Constance's house and show her death pictures of Travis. Oh, poor stupid Travis.  Meanwhile, the truant officer shows up at the Harmons, and Ben is forced to confront Violet about the fact that she's missed over 3 consecutive weeks of school.  She seems pretty apathetic, but forces some crocodile tears.

Constance shows up at Larry's house, assuming he was Travis's murderer.  Larry is quick to tattle on the house-dwellers as the killers.  Constance is incredibly hilarious and ridiculously racist in this episode.  The Harmon's house is infested with bugs, and Constance gets dragged into the police station.  They grill her on all the deaths of her previous children, her husband, and of course, Moira. 

In the Murder House, a super-dorky exterminator tries to enter the basement.  We all know this is a problem. It ends predictably.  Ben investigates boarding school for Violet.  At the same time, a whole little society is existing in the basement.  Did we know that Larry's wife and kids were down there?  Sweet special effects on the burning people, yo. 

Ben runs into the Rubber Man and there's a decent fight, which is won by chloroform.  But before he passes out, Tate reveals his second personality.  Tate convinces Violet to do some sort of Romeo and Juliet thing so they can be together forever.  Violet, with better sense than I thought she had, tries to escape the house.  But we go into some Nightmare on Elm Street 4 shit where she keeps trying to leave the house, but ends up back in it. 

HOLY CRAP HARMON FAMILY REVEAL!!!!!!  I was not expecting this for one moment!  The Sixth Sense-style, someone is a ghost that didn't realize they were!!  Larry, probably hoping to somehow impress Constance, admits to Travis's murder and is off to prison.  He wants one last thing from Constance, but will she give it?

Next week?  Everybody wants those twins, and Vivien's going into labor!  Better get her inside the Murder House!!