Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 (2011)

Lottttaaaa stuff going on in this week's episode of The Walking Dead, aptly titled "Cherokee Rose."  Herchel warns the group that their time on the farm is limited, and that once Carl is up and about and Sophia is recovered, he expects that they'll mosey on down the road.  That's unfortunate. 

The gang is trying to help out around the farm, which mostly seems to consist of piling rocks on Otis's grave, and pumping water out of a well.  Otis's "funeral" is sort of ridiculous, as Shane makes up stories about his heroism, when we all know that he shot his fat ass and left him for a zombie snack.

Dale and T-Dog make amends and cast aside all that nonsense that T-Dog was spouting when running a high fever.  Dale proves that he's gotten past it, by narrowly saving him from drinking zombie-infested water.  What happened, you may ask?  Apparently a weird bloated zombie fell in the well.  They send down some ham on a hook, but decide that live bait would be more effective.  Of course, poor Glen is volunteered for the job, and predictably, the rope breaks, leaving Glen in a precarious situation.  All of this work was so that they could take the zombie out in one piece, therefore purifying the water.  Um, what?  The zombie was already IN the water.  Can you boil zombie germs out of water?  This whole idea was so incredibly stupid.  The zombie gets broken into pieces anyway and that well is done.  If Glen died over this, I would have had to smack a bitch.

Meanwhile, the search for Sophia resumes.  Seriously this plot point has been going on for wayyyy too long.  This stupid girl wandered off three episodes ago.  Let it go people.  But instead, they leave a note and food on the car, leaving Darryl to once again attempt to save the day.  As per usual, Carol just cries and whines instead of actually helping.  While hunting the wandering moron, Darryl finds evidence that she's alive.  Seriously, how quickly does this chick move?  Apparently she's within like a 2 mile radius, but an entire group of people can't find her.  WTF?  However, Darryl is becoming my favorite person on this show, and he also keeps getting exponentially hotter.  Yay, Darryl.

Meanwhile, Rick assigns Glen and Maggie to go into town.  I am starting to like Rick more and I think he knows about Glen's crush and is trying to hook a brother up.  Good on you, Rick.  Lori gives Glen a special item to pick up for her in the "feminine hygiene aisle."  I gross my husband out by insisting she has a yeast infection.  I will be proven incorrect.  Glen snatches the special item, but is also busted by Maggie when he grabs some condoms.  LoL!  But maybe not so busted after all, because Maggie is totally DTF.  YES!  We need more lovin' on this show.  However, afterwards, she dashes Glen's hopes by saying it's a one-time thing.  I wouldn't speak so soon, lady, as your options are looking a little limited.

Lori's secret item is a pregnancy test.  MWAHAAHAHAA.  There's no Maury show in the zombie apocalypse, and she's never going to know who the Daddy is.  Also, this gets me to thinking about the results of any banging on this show.  Clearly no one left the house with their birth control pills, and I'm going to doubt anyone is packing too many condoms.  So babies of the apocalypse may be the result.  Hmmmmm.

Ending the show on a sentimental note, Darryl brings Carol a "Cherokee Rose" and tells a sad story about them blooming from the tears of sad mothers.  Maybe this will spur Carol to actually assist in the search of her daughter?  Doubtful.  Darryl is now my favorite person on this show, with Shane a close second, if only for sexiness.  I still love Rick, however secretly hope he cheats on Lori, because I just can't stand her and I think she's going to try and play both Rick and Shane for fools.  I mean what was with that "stay" comment?  Just pick a man and commit to him, you vindictive bitch.  Ugh.