Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 (2011 TV Series) Episode 1

I feel like The Walking Dead is sort of like the little show that could.  It started with a fairly innocuous cast, and I don't know if anywhere thought a zombie show would succeed on mainstream TV.  Kicking off with a short season, it took the television world by storm.  When I met a good chunk of the cast back in March, they were so humble and down-to-earth that they seemed pretty surprised by the reception of the show.  It's hard to believe that now they're all serious stars in their own right.

But, with success comes haters, and I knew this season was going to start off with a lot of complaints.  My Twitter and Facebook feed was crowded with bitching and whining and I was not surprised in the least.  I liked this episode, and I really didn't agree with most of the complainers that it was slow-moving.  I thought it was well-paced, and allowed us to catch up on the characters while gearing up for the next season.

For those that didn't see it (spoilers ahead, bitches!), Season 2 kicks off with the remaining characters fleeing the exploding CDC building.  Some people stayed behind to die, which is something I definitely would not have done with several sexy guys running around this little group.  I mean, come on, Shane is single now.  Get with the program. 

There's lots of riding around in cars, and a pretty badass herd of zombies on the attack.  Everyone scrambles to hide, and all seems reasonably well except that Sophia goes missing, prompting the group to unsuccessfully traipse around the woods in search of her.   Andrea is determined to be too much of a headcase to carry around a gun, lest she may shoot herself in the head.  I would encourage this, so that I could have Shane to myself.  (Sorry, I'm getting off-topic but I find him so hot) 

The group finds a small church, but no sign that God is coming to help any of them.  Carl attempts to approach a deer in the woods, which is not something I would do with hungry, trigger-happy people around.  I liked this episode, and I'm looking forward to the second season.