Sunday, August 28, 2011

High Lane (2009)

Dear Netflix Instant:

First, you cannot fix your subtitles so that they appear correctly on my television.  Now, I do not get the choice to watch with subtitles or dubbed.  I hate dubbed movies.  It reminds me of those crazy dubbed Asian game shows they used to show on Spike.  I want my subtitles, and I want them to be visible.

The Scream Queen

High Lane (aka Vertige) is a French movie about some 20-somethings hiking in Croatia.  They choose a trail that is currently closed, thinking it will be more of an exciting challenge.  However, their ringleader, Fred, neglects to tell the less-experienced members of the group that there is only one way in and out.  They become trapped, and hunted by an unknown group/person/entity.

High Lane is very The Descent meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Wrong Turn.  So, you know, hearing banjos en Francais in the middle of a Croatian hiking trip.  The action scenes were super exciting and very well filmed.  I personally have never gone rock climbing, but this movie makes me want to never attempt it.  There's beautiful ladies, sort-of hot guys, but no nudity to be found.

I really liked this movie, from the action to the acting to the super-fun blood and gore.  Dubbed or not, this is definitely a French film to check out.  They get it right nearly every time, don't they? ;)

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