Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fright World (2006)

Remember in college when you'd be partying in a frat house, and somehow you'd end up in that douchey blacklight room?  With the Bob Marley posters and light that made your clothes look dirty?  Well put that experience together with a long and horrible Marilyn Manson video and that's pretty much what you get with Fright World. 

I really have no idea what even happened in this movie.  It appears that there was a super-tacky theme park that was at one time operating and popular.  It got closed down and some sort of killer moved in.   His killing appeared to be limited to a chick in a large bra, but you know, tomato, tomato. 

Years (a year? it's hard to tell) later, some investor buys the park and decides to reopen.  But in the meantime, he invites a bunch of his goth friends over to play around.  Everyone basically drinks, smokes pot, and bangs, all while horrible metal wannabe music plays in the background.  We get glimpses of enough boobs to get my husband to hang out in front of the TV for a few minutes, but nothing to write home about.

Apparently this place is haunted by the spirit of Vernon Fell, the murderer of Fright World.  I didn't see too much murdering...mostly just scared goths running through a series of rooms, with horrible cinematography, lighting and editing.  Seriously, the filming of this was so bad that it's actually blurry throughout most of the movie.  This was far far far too long for a low-budget slasher.  I was hoping for a Funhouse ripoff but I got something that could have been made in my backyard.  Fail.

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Real Queen of Horror said...

Lol @ something you could make in your backyard.

Never heard of the movie but I guess I would have been fooled from the DVD cover.