Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fear Itself Episode 1: The Eater

Between work, outdoor boot camp, and marathon training, I have been busy as a bee.  A sick and demented bee, but who's counting?  I missed Fear Itself the first time around and this crazy busy time in my life (and the glory that is Netflix instant) is giving me the chance to take a look at the series three years after the fact.

I loved Masters of Horror, and though this seemed to be conceived in the same vein, it was aired on network television, which always makes a difference.  It seems I'll be reviewing these a little out of order, since Netflix and maybe the DVD lists them a little differently than they actually aired. 

The big star in this episode is Elisabeth Moss, now of course famous for her role on Mad Men.  She's a rookie in the police force that has just arrested a serial killer called "The Eater."  Not an incredibly creative name, as the dude pretty much kidnaps women and eats them.  He seems to know some sort of black magic, and is seen chanting, mumbling, and thrashing around in his cell.  It sort of reminds me of Child's Play for some reason.  No killer doll in this one though.

Possession and cannibalism are always a good time, and who knew the NBC would feature both of them in one flesh-chomping hour of television.  I have no other episodes to compare this to at this point in time, but I thought this was a pretty good episode.  For some reason it sort of reminded me of know, in terms of the body inhabiting, and the fact that the one cop appeared to be a body double for John Goodman.


Aaron said...

I've been meaning to get around to this series for a long time now. It's been on my queue forever. Been thinking about bumping it up lately. Looking forward to your reviews on other episodes if you get around to them.

Real Queen of Horror said...

I saw this on Netflix as well! I think I will check it out, I was just unsure about watching it because lately some horror type shows I tried to watch just wasn't interesting enough for me. LOL @ "possession and cannibalism are always a good time"