Monday, June 13, 2011

Roman (2006)

So I bought this 4-pack of horror movies at Best Buy a little while back.  I previously reviewed Live Animals which I really liked.  Now it's time for Roman, starring Lucky McKee, Kristen Bell, and Nectar Rose.  This was one crazy-ass movie.  I'm still thinking about it a couple of days later, sort of unsure what to make of it.

Roman is basically a loner, who lives in a sparse apartment with no TV.  His entertainment basically consists of watching out his front window, mainly following the activities of a girl that he deems Isis (Bell).  Crazily enough, one time he's drinking some brews up on the roof, and she joins him.  They start to kindle a bit of a relationship, but Roman's (McKee) obsession already runs a little too deep.  The entrance of another love interest, the nymph-like Eva (Rose) brings more complications.

It's hard to say too much about this movie without giving things away.  His "treatment" (for lack of a better word) of Isis is more bizarre than much of what I've seen in recent horror.  It was part Psycho and part Seven and just all-around crazypants.  The Eva character started to get on my nerves after a while with her constant chatter and wild vegetation outfits, but I sort of understand where they were going with that. 

Roman was an all around solid movie.  I didn't love it, per se, but it was definitely interesting and had a lot going for it.  The music was kind of bizarre, but it helped me rediscover a song my grandma used to sing to me.  It's no classic, but solidly creepy and worth checking out.

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Aaron said...

I think I bought the same 4-pack as you. Anyway, I liked this one a lot too. Lucky McKee was decent in it, surprisingly, and I dug the twist.