Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eden Lake (2008)

As my husband read the description for this movie, he said, "is this like that other movie, Them?"  Yeah, I guess Eden Lake is sort of like Them in the sense that if you liked one, then you'll like the other.  I love movies with strong female leads, and this flick is a great example of such.  The badassness of this particular femme fatale actually reminded me a lot of Storm Warning, another foreign favorite.

Eden Lake is about a smitten couple, Jenny and Steve, who plan a nice holiday at a secluded lake.   Their tranquility is soon interrupted by some punk kids wielding a boombox and a mean Rottweiler.  Steve tries to speak to the brats, but to no avail.  His annoyance with them only leads the kids to constantly torture the couple, starting with popping their tires and continuing with worse punishments.

The game of cat and mouse continues, with the adults being outnumbered by psychotic high schoolers armed with knives and unchecked rage.  When Steve becomes incapacitated, Jenny goes balls to the wall and teaches these little punks a lesson.

This movie was gory, fast paced, and contained an unusual level of violence towards teenagers.   Although reminiscent of flicks such as Them and The Strangers, this definitely wasn't a copycat.  Eden Lake was an adrenaline-filled story with a super-harsh ending.  Definitely one not to be missed.


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Aaron said...

It's been a very divisive movie, but I love me some Eden Lake. It went to some unexpected places in terms of violence and I loved the lead actress. Also, the fact that the leader of the gang of kids had a Batista poster in his bedroom was all kinds of awesome.