Monday, June 6, 2011

Altitude (2010)

I wonder if anyone was thinking of The Langoliers when they started writing the script for Altitude.  We don't have a full-size plane and a smattering of random people, but instead a bunch of horny, drinking 20-somethings and a rookie pilot wearing enough eye makeup to block her vision.  The plane is very tiny, and I believe they're flying to some sort of concert. 

As it so turns out, the pilot's mom crashed a plane full of people many years ago.  Instead of avoiding air travel as most would do, she decides to become a pilot herself, and a bad one at that.  During their plane troubles, she decides to toss out some extra weight, and as you may imagine, it's hard to throw luggage out of a plane while keeping people securely inside.

At first it just seems like some sort of plane malfunction, coupled with a storm.  But however, there seems to be some octopus-like creature lurking outside.  Somehow this ties in with this girl's mom's plane crash but I can't really figure out how.  In fact, I really can't figure out what's going on with this entire movie.  Everyone on this plane was ridiculously insufferable and I don't understand how I was supposed to tie some semblance of a storyline together that involved children, tentacles, and comic books. 

I think I put this on my queue because I try to review new movies when possible.  But this reminds me why I don't do that all the time.  This movie was annoying from start to finish and I have no idea what happened.  Skip it.

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Hey! Look Behind You! said...

A friend convinced me to rent this because we couldn't understand how a sea creature could be hanging out in the sky and by the cover I thought it was just going to be a giant tree. By the end we both wished it was a giant tree. Totally lame! Haha.

The Scream Queen said...

@Hey! Seriously! I wanted to turn it off at several points because the characters were just so insufferable and I just couldn't understand wtf the sea creature had to do with anything. What a weird movie.