Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random: My Cinematic Horror Alphabet this one from Rupert Pupkin Speaks and thought I'd do a horror version.  I'm sure I'm going to get horribly stuck on at least a couple of the letters.

A is for....American Psycho

A classic, and a hilarious representation of the excesses of Wall Street in the late 1980s.

B is for...Broken
This movie seriously fucked with my mind.  Like Martyrs, it's one that I've had a hard time bringing myself to watch again.
C is for...Cabin Fever

Hate on, haters.  I like this movie and Eli Roth too.  So there.

D is for...The Devil's Rejects 

Like you thought I would pick anything else.  TDR is like my horror Big Lebowski.  Every time I watch it, I find a different little thing I love about it.

E is for...Evil Dead
There are so many glorious things about this movie I can't even begin to cover them.  Probably the best low-budget movie ever made.

Not a typical pick, but this is in my top five.  Love this movie for so many reasons.

G is for...The Gate
For some reason, this movie instantly transports me back to the horror fun of the 1980s.  The "you've been baaaaadddd" scene used to haunt my dreams as a kid.

H is for...Halloween
H was a tough one.  I had to reject House of 1000 Corpses, The Hills Have Eyes and The Hitcher.

The ultimate revenge movie, hands down.  

J is for...Jason X
You probably expected me to pick Jeepers Creepers, didn't you?  I hate that fucking movie.  My choice of the cheesy and terrible Jason X just proves what a horrible movie Jeepers Creepers is.

K is for...Kalifornia
The second coming of Natural Born Killers.  Woody Harrelson is slightly more badass than Brad Pitt though.

L is for...The Lost Boys
Fuck Twilight.  The Lost Boys is where it's at.

M is for...Martyrs
A movie that's kept me thinking (and talking about it) years after I watched it.

N is for...Nightmare on Elm Street
Great story, great cast, and spawned some pretty good sequels.

O is for...Oldboy
I've rarely been as completely shocked watching a movie than I was with Oldboy.  Just an incredible flick all around.

P is for...Poltergeist
"They're hereeeeeeee."

Q is for...Quarantine
I kind of like Rec better but I couldn't think of another Q movie.

R is for...The Road
What can I say?  I'm a sucker for end of the world movies.  And this book touched my cold, cynical heart.

S is for....Scream
This was a tough choice too, but Scream is the classic of my generation.  Love this movie.

Such a classic.

U is for...Urban Legend
All the urban legends from my childhood, Jared Leto before he became a douche, and Rebecca Gayheart cutting bitches upppp.  Score.

V is for...Village of the Damned
Ahhhh, those creepy little ankle biters.

W is for...Wrong Turn
Expected this movie to be awful and I loved it.  Eliza kicks so much ass.

X is for...

I feel like I sort of used up my X on Jason X!  I'm going to have to let this one go.

Y is for...

Seriously, I read an entire list of horror movies that start with Y and it was no help.  I wish I could pick a Japanese title, but I still can't find anything that starts with a Y.  Ugh.

Z is for....Zombieland
Now nut up and make your own list....or shut up ;)