Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random: 30 Day Horror Challenge Day 17

What is your favorite horror film remake?

Please note that it did not say you have to like the remake better than the original.  Which I don't.  This one was sort of a toss-up.  I love Rob Zombie's Halloween (although not better than the original) and I also love the Hills Have Eyes remake.  But I just thought The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a good freakin' movie.

I remember when this movie first came out and I was like Jessica Biel in a horror movie?  Blahhhh.   But this movie had lots of fun elements that were lacking in the original.  They smartly got rid of the insufferable Franklin, brought in a super scary sheriff, added more blood and gore, and tore the fucking face off the hitchhiker plot.  Although lacking the creepiness of the original, this is definitely a solid remake.