Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random: 30 Day Horror Challenge Day 11

What's your favorite science fiction horror movie?

I've never been a huge science fiction fan, but for some reason Fortress came to mind as soon as I read this question.  I actually keenly remember exactly why I first watched this movie.  My sister and I are obsessed with the HBO version of Fortress and back in the 90s, we used to check the back of the TV Guide every week to see if it was going to be on.

One magical week, we jumped for joy as we saw Fortress listed in the movie section.  We claimed the TV for the airing time, fingers poised above the VCR record button.  We were highly disappointed to see that the movie was about some futuristic jail and not masked kidnappers.  However, we had already put so much effort into this debacle that we ended up watching the whole thing.

This movie is pretty cheesy and lame, but go on and hate.  It's got Christopher Lambert, the dad from That 70's Show and people puking up crazy stomach chips.  Also there are robots and computers that watch people have sex, and a mind eraser machine a la The Clockwork Orange.  My sister always had a crush on the guy who played Gomez.  She should friend him on Facebook ;)